About Us

Hello, my name is Alex, and I want to tell how I and my wife Natalia decided

to take that journey called BestForKids.

Living in Canada is the best thing that could have ever happen to us, given this

opportunity we have decided to always look positively on life.

We have both finished school,

found a job and decided it’s time to get married and have kids.

This is where our journey began, trying to find the perfect stroller for

your kid is one of the hardest tasks a parent can have, especially if this is

the first time.  Being that we both are just out of school we had student loans to pay and rent of course!  We couldn’t have afforded the most expensive stroller,

but we also did not want to get anything cheap, because we wanted our child to be safe and comfortable at the same time. The brick and motor stores could only offer us a little selection where nothing in the midrange seemed to be good enough for us.




So, we started looking online, going through many websites we found many strollers in Europe and Asia that looked just as safe and comfortable as the expensive strollers in the stores, only they were sold for a reasonable price.

After realizing that as a consumer we couldn’t purchase those strollers from them. Since they would only ship locally, we have decided to find a way to buy those strollers and have a way for everyone else to purchase.

After partnering up with the Asian marked we are now able to bring those high quality safe and pretty strollers as well as many other baby items.

We have a verity of strollers going from large travel systems to joggers to small and easy travel strollers. Our strollers have big wheels which are great for winter or a smooth ride on any bumpy sidewalk.

We can get a good deal for you and most of our items will be delivered within 10 days, once the order is processed.

We are hoping to get your support and with it, we will keep bringing good quality items with better prices and better shipping time. To make you and your baby happy!